About Us & Our Mission

Our Quality Guarantee

Roofing Done Wright guarantees the quality and the premium standard of our services. We are committed to delivering unparalleled solutions when managing the integrity and the appeal of your roof.

Never compromising on our promises, we provide every customer a quality guarantee whether repair, maintaining or restoring the roof.

Our Mission

Our company’s mission is simple:  "Glorify God and help others in all that we do."
As a company we always ask our ourselves two simple questions:

1. Are we glorifying God in our actions?
2. Are we helping people?

When you are able to answer yes to those 2 questions everything else falls into place.

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What customers are saying about us.

Tom Moore

Roswell, Ga

I had the pleasure of working with Graham in the summer of 2018. He is extremely attentive and a stand up guy. If you need someone to stand by his word and his work, It's Graham.I'd recommend him to anyone.

Don Memberg

Atlanta, Ga

When we had the storm in January, with wind gusts up to 60-70mph, I found a few roof shingles around my home, so I got a free estimate from Roofing Done Wright (RDW). They confirmed the shingle loss and also saw many other shingles that were wind damaged. I called my home insurance company to file a claim and then met with their appraiser and RDW. The appraiser who agreed with their assessment and approved to have the roofing replaced for the entire home and garage. RDW's crew did a fantastic job from start-to-finish. They cleaned up well, including using a "magnet broom" to search for any roofing nails that might have fallen on the driveway and grass. The roof shingles installed are premium Owings-Corning from a 13-color selection of my choice. They also used a better replacement for the felt underlining that other roofers used. All of the upgrades done were also special without any upcharges. The bottom line is how beautiful my home looks now. You can come take a look at 3931 Granger Drin Brookhaven. The Area Sales Manager, Graham Howell never used any high-pressure tactics, he answered all my questions and explained everything in advance. If you have an older roof like I had that may also have the same damage caused by the January storm, or it’s time to be replaced, give Graham a call to inspect your roof before you have leaks and other roofing problems. His cell number is 678-520-4982. Tell him that his happy customer, Don, asked you to call.